We provide a comprehensive range of private treatments, with special interest in preventive dentistry and root fillings.



We offer both silver (amalgam) and tooth coloured (composite) fillings.


A crown (sometimes called a ‘cap’) covers and strengthens chipped, broken or weakened teeth. It can also be used to protect root treated teeth, help to hold a denture or bridge in place, or even hide discoloured fillings.


A bridge is used to fill the space left by a missing tooth, restoring your smile. They are only possible if your surrounding teeth are healthy and strong, as these support the bridge.


Veneers can be used to improve the colour, shape and position of your teeth. They can instantly improve your smile by hiding discolouration, closing small gaps and repairing chips and cracks. A veneer is a thin slice of tooth-coloured material made to be bonded and fitted precisely over the front surface of a tooth – much like a false fingernail on a nail.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is required if the nerve in the tooth if dead or dying. It involves cleaning inside the root of the tooth and filling the space with a rubber type of materials in order to seal it up. A permanent filling or crown is then placed on top of this.

Hygiene visits

A full range of periodontal services ranging from a simple scale and polish to more extensive treatments used to help fight gum disease.

Tooth whitening

A minimal fuss and non-invasive way to enhancing your natural smile.

Same day emergency appointments are available for registered patients.